Volcan Valley Apple Farm

IT”S TRUE! The season is a bit later than last year because we want the apples to be RIPE. We plan to open Friday, September 7 at 9am

We check the sugar content almost daily, and they just aren’t sweet yet, so we need to be sure you will be happy with our apples.  All the orchards are saying the apples are a bit smaller this year as well (that just means your bag will hold more apples!)

Apple bags hold 6-7 lbs of delicious apples and are $12/bag, cash OR credit!  $2 general admission.  Children 5 and under are free.  
OPEN 9am to 5:00pm. No admission after 4:30.  Friday through Monday.  
Compact cars please park along the fence where marked.  Large vehicles please park farther on to not block traffic going both ways.  Be patient if there is a line!

We have seven varieties of apples, ripening sequentially through September-October.  Ripe rows will be marked with green flags.

We have a new open passage through the rows mid-orchard.  PLEASE DO NOT cross through rows over the wires -- it's really destructive.

BE considerate, clean up your mess, be kind to others and HAVE FUN!